Work Page – Updated

I have updated the Work page of the site will the following pieces of information:

Shadow of Aether – I have included the blurb for ‘Shadow of Aether’ and have moved it to the top of the Work page in a new ‘Coming Soon’ section. I will add links to the page for orders as soon as they go live.

CEA Greatest Anthology – I have replaced the old link with a direct link to the Amazon page where the book can be ordered from.

Untitled Anthology – I have added the anthology about Orbis to the ‘In Progress’ section. This is a project I am particularly excited about, however my plan is to release this book after ‘Nomadic Guardian’ so it will be a while until it is released. Due to the nature of the book being an anthology, I will release small snippets of it on my website over time.

Shadow of Aether – A Novella

I am currently editing my novella, as well as writing another short story, and during this process I have decided upon a name for it.

The novella will be called Shadow of Aether and will be self published on Amazon.

Shadow of Aether stars Paradox, from my previous short story. After a vision that she interprets as a warning, Paradox quests to prevent a corrupting presence from destroying her world.

A full blurb will be coming soon and will then be posted on the Work page of this site.

Current Projects

This post is intended to clarify where I am with my current projects and my intentions for each project.

Just Another Day – My short story that has been published in the CEA Greatest Anthology Written. This can be read by purchasing the book from here.

This short story serves as a prequel for an upcoming series. The series in question will be published online episodically. It will be available on several websites for free, including this one. The current working title for the series is Omega.

Currently Untitled Novella – The Novella is coming along nicely and is currently being edited and redrafted. My intention is to publish it as a stand alone story on Amazon.

Anthology – As well as the novella, I have also decided to publish an anthology of stories set on Orbis. The short stories will focus on various characters in the world of Orbis, helping to expand the world. Speaking of which…

Short stories – One of these stories is called Aura, focusing on the first school days of the Unitas known as Aura from Nomadic Guardian, as well as the relationship between her and her mother.

Nomadic Guardian – Very little has changed since my last post about my novel. When the novella and the anthology are finished, I will turn my full attention back to this, making sure that the edits match up with the rest of the stories set within Orbis.

That about sums up all of my current projects. I will post updates whenever possible to inform you all about my work, but I intend to put my best efforts into each individual story. Therefore, it may take a while before the stories are published, but I believe that this is for the best.

CEA Greatest Anthology – Available Now

Today is the day of the CEA Greatest Anthology Written book launch. The anthology contains over 100 short stories from over 100 authors around the world. My personal contribution is the short story ‘Just Another Day’, which is found in the Science Fiction section of the anthology.

The book can be purchased both as an e-book or as a paperback. It is now available to purchase from multiple online outlets. To purchase it from Amazon, click here.  To see the full list of available options to order, click here.

CEA Greatest Anthology – Just Another Day

My promotional image for Just Another Day – my short story within the CEA Greatest Anthology – has gone live.

Here is a link to my Twitter, where I have retweeted the image.

And here is a link to the CEA Greatest Anthology Twitter, which you can follow to find more information about the anthology.

Just Another Day

I have updated the Work page on my site to include both the blurb and information about ‘Just Another Day’ – my short story that is going to be included in the World Record Attempt anthology by Celenic Earth Publications.

Click here to read my previous post about the World Record Anthology.

World Record Anthology

I have submitted a short story that is going to be included in a World Record Attempt short story anthology.

The anthology is being published by Celenic Earth Publications and will include contributions by approximately 100 authors from across the world. To watch a YouTube video explaining the attempt in more detail, click here.

My story is called ‘Just Another Day’ and falls under the Science Fiction genre.

Just Another Day:

Tess Penrose finds herself at a crossroad. She is a talented warrior who works for the security department at her company. She is also being interviewed for a promotion at work, which would enable her to provide for her family with little difficulty. However, her daughter openly despises her for the role that she has in the world and this potential promotion has only made things worse.

Will Tess be able to balance her work life with her family life? And what sacrifices will Tess have to make to affect the strained relationship she has with her daughter?


To read this short story, and many more, you can pre-order the book from here.

The book will also be available to order from Amazon and I will post a link to the order page as soon as it goes live.