World Record Anthology

I have submitted a short story that is going to be included in a World Record Attempt short story anthology.

The anthology is being published by Celenic Earth Publications and will include contributions by approximately 100 authors from across the world. To watch a YouTube video explaining the attempt in more detail, click here.

My story is called ‘Just Another Day’ and falls under the Science Fiction genre.

Just Another Day:

Tess Penrose finds herself at a crossroad. She is a talented warrior who works for the security department at her company. She is also being interviewed for a promotion at work, which would enable her to provide for her family with little difficulty. However, her daughter openly despises her for the role that she has in the world and this potential promotion has only made things worse.

Will Tess be able to balance her work life with her family life? And what sacrifices will Tess have to make to affect the strained relationship she has with her daughter?


To read this short story, and many more, you can pre-order the book from here.

The book will also be available to order from Amazon and I will post a link to the order page as soon as it goes live.



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