Inspiration – Books

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I will start this series of posts with a book I have already spoken about, but I shall be brief with it before I move onto other books.

The Lord of the Rings – Previously, I spoke about how the world that JRR Tolkien created inspired me to want to create one of my own. But the inspiration from Middle Earth goes much further than that. The Lord of the Rings itself is the quintessential fantasy story, either creating or perfectly exemplifying many of the tropes that are renowned in the genre today. Whilst many stories today take it upon themselves to subvert or defy these tropes, they would not strive to do this had it not been for the existence of the trope in the first place. The Lord of the Rings is arguably the ultimate tale of good standing up against evil.

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time – A very different book, but no less inspirational. This is a tale with realistic characters that you really care about. Curious Incident is well-known for its portrayal of a first person story from the POV of a protagonist who is believed to be on the Autistic Spectrum. Many believe Christopher to have Asperger Syndrome, but the author himself has gone on record saying that this wasn’t the intention when he was writing and he is by no means an expert on the subject. Regardless, Mark Haddon created a wonderful tale with an engaging protagonist that is filled with both humour and pain. I won’t spoil it for anyone that hasn’t read it, but I would highly recommend it.

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