Orbis – Map

I previously shared a map of one of the continents of Orbis; Honos. On that map, there were key features of the continent labelled. Today, I’m going to share a map of the whole world of Orbis. However, only the continent names will be labelled. I will share a close up of the other four continents over time.

Here is the complete map of Orbis:

Orbis Map

And here is a version of the map labelled:

Orbis Map Labelled

So far, ‘Nomadic Guardian’ takes place on Serenitas and ‘Paradox’ starts on Sapientia before moving to Honos (sort of). Raditus and Anima have not yet been used as settings for any announced stories, but characters from those continents are in ‘Nomadic Guardian’.

The next close up map I’ll post will be of Serenitas, along with some more information about ‘Nomadic Guardian’.

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