Inspiration is a funny thing to talk about as you could spend more time talking or writing about what inspires you than actually doing the thing you were inspired to do. It can come from anything or anyone. It can happen at any time or place. It can be a positive experience or it can be a negative experience.

I could spend a lot of time talking about the people who have inspired me in life. Whether it’s my beautiful fiancé, my wonderful friends and family or some of the people I have worked with – I also work as a teacher; I have met some truly inspirational people of all ages – there is plenty of inspiration to go around.

Instead, I’m going to talk about a source of creative inspiration. Two things that greatly affected the creative path I have chosen in life; both of which I experienced as a preteen. First of all, of no surprise what-so-ever to fantasy authors and writers who love world-building, was the Lord of the Rings. One of my all-time favourite stories, but what really fascinated me was the appendices. Tolkien didn’t just write a story, he created a world. And I wanted to do the same. This was soon followed by my second source of creative inspiration, Dragonball Z. When Trunks travelled back in time from an alternate timeline and changed the past, my preteen self was introduced to multiverse theory and my mind was blown. The idea of parallel worlds, alternate timelines and alternate dimensions combined with my desire to create a world and took my ideas to the next level. I didn’t just want to create a single world; I wanted to create more. And so the seed was set. Over the next few years, my ideas developed and so did my overall plan. A couple of false starts and creative setbacks only served to benefit me, as they led me to the creation of ‘Nomadic Guardian’.

Inspiration can indeed come from anything or anyone. When it happens, let it spark your creativity. It can lead to wonderful things.

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