Paradox – Setting

Both ‘Nomadic Guardian’ and ‘Paradox’ are set in Orbis, although they are set in different parts of the same world. The majority of ‘Nomadic Guardian’ is set on the continent of Serenitas (not counting the various parts that take place on Earth or on other worlds within the multiverse) whilst ‘Paradox’ takes place on the continents of Sapientia and Honos.

Sapientia is the continent where Paradox lives, but the main part of the story happens on Honos. Honos is a continent that has been playing host to a war that is centuries old between the different clans that live there. Each clan focuses their magic or technology on a particular elemental power and some of the clans are more willing to work together than others are. There is a twist to Paradox’s journey to Honos, but I will not spoil that here.

The short story ‘Paradox’ will be available soon from this site.

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