Orbis – Magic

Magic on Orbis is like any other skill, talent or ability. Anyone can attempt it, but without training and experience, it probably won’t go to plan.

Magic can only be used by the Unitas. People from a world without magic cannot use it, such as Lir. Lir’s ability is slightly different to the magic of the Unitas, but to avoid spoilers, I won’t say anything else.

There are various types of magic, but in order to have control over a certain type, you must train with it. For example, a skilled elemental mage may be able to use some basic healing skills, but they wouldn’t be able to use more advanced healing magic in the same way an Olympic sprinter wouldn’t be able to win a marathon. There are some exceptions. For example, there are similarities between Ice and Water magic, allowing one to use ‘transferable skills’. Another example is magic that has no limitation on type, such as Blood, Arcane and Divine magic.

Magic works through thought, will and concentration. A mage must think about what they want to happen first. Then they need to use their will to make it happen. Finally, they must concentrate to maintain it. As a mage becomes more advanced or more experienced, they are capable of producing magic quicker and with less concentration to maintain it. This allows for multiple spells to be cast and for mages to be effective in battle.

The difficulty of the spell also factors into this. Minor spells require very little to happen or change, such as healing a minor wound or creating a small fire, therefore they require less thought, will and concentration than other spells. In comparison, healing a major, potentially fatal wound or creating a huge wall of fire would require more.

Magic also requires a fuel source. Most forms of magic work from an internal source, using the natural energy of the body like any physical activity would. People can also use an external source to power their magic. There are some exceptions, however. For example, Blood magic cannot be fuelled by internal energy. These types of magic have their own rules regarding fuel. Blood magic, for example, works through quality, quantity and experience. Blood belonging to a weaker organism will be used up quickly, whereas blood belonging to a stronger, royal or divine organism will last a lot longer and be able to produce stronger magic. Weaker spells will use less blood; stronger spells will use more. An inexperienced or less talented mage will use their blood supply up faster than an experienced, talented mage. There are some other factors to Blood magic that I will not discuss as they are related to the overall story arc of ‘Nomadic Guardian’.

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