Orbis – Religion

I briefly touched upon religion in the last post and wanted to elaborate a bit more for this one.

The religions of Orbis are split into either monotheistic and polytheistic religions, each taking their own unique belief about the nature of the world itself.

For example, there are several monotheistic beliefs. One group of Unitas believe that the World itself is a divine spirit that needs protecting. There are splinter groups of this religion that will go to extreme measures to protect the world itself. Another group of Unitas believe in a single, extradimensional entity that was responsible for the creation of Orbis and worship this being as a god.

One of the polytheistic religions believe that the world was created by five, powerful deities. The names of these deities were then used for the five continents of Orbis (see my last post for more information about the world itself). Other groups believe in a range of lesser deities as well as the five major deities, ones who incarnated into a physical form in order to manipulate the events of Orbis to their own whim.

On top of this, there are individuals who believe there is some overlap between the various beliefs of the Unitas. The truth will impact the overall story arc for my series, and will be revealed eventually.

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