Orbis is the name of the world where the majority of ‘NOMADIC GUARDIAN’ takes place.

The dominant species of the planet are known as the Unitas. They are a species that have access to both advanced technology and magic, however not every clan believes they should. Some will only use technology, some will only use magic and some are happy to use a combination of both.

There are five continents on Orbis: Raditus, Honos, Sapientia, Anima and Serenitas. Each continent is named after one of the five major gods that some of the Unitas believe in and each continent has its own diverse backstory. For example, Anima is home to a clan of Unitas who have developed a mastery over life itself. As such, their use of magic and technology can be used for medicine and healing.

Serenitas is the continent where Lir arrives and where his story takes place.

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